Charlotte Saint-Jean



Short Presentation:

I have been teaching yoga in France since 2002. My personal practice and my teaching reflect a healthy life, full of gratitude and joy. A life full of respect for nature and the world I live in – its strength, energy and calm. Creator of the yoga website www.yogachezmoi.comthe Yoga Festival in Val d’Isere and Co-Founder of Festivals and Happening BLISS, I continue to teach classes, workshops and retreats in France and elsewhere.

My Yoga:

Through the various lessons and years of practice and experience I have created a unique style that looks like me, which is based primarily on a Vinyasa style but it’s a real mixture of School Sivananda Vedanta, Shiva Rea (Vinyasa), David Swenson (Ashtanga), Lara Bauman (Quantum) and Sarah Powers (Yin / Insight Yoga). I try to incorporate their messages whilst creating my own style while respecting the traditions of this ancient practice. A passionate lover of music and singing, I try to incorporate these elements into my lessons where possible.

My Gurus:

My mother – I know classic but still a source of inspiration and hugs. My two children for their eternal support, laugh and smiles. Extraordinary yoginis such as Beryl Bender Birch (her book “Power Yoga” was my first source of information and through it I became what I am … even if she doesn’t know it), Shiva Rea (she made my life more spontaneous), Elena Brower (for her gentleness, her New York side Sassy and her strength) and finally Marc Holzman for his humour and joy of living.

My best Yoga memory:

I have two. One was with Shiva Rea in Greece a few years ago in a restaurant on the beach in Santorini named the Wave Bar where we practiced yoga, danced and slept on the beach to get up at 5.30 and redo a practice together at sunrise. And my second one is when I arrived in India in 2010, I practiced yoga on the roof of a hotel with the sound of prayers and songs of all pujas in the night sky of Tamil Nadu.

My Yoga Searcher look:

I love the jacket Tan, super classy with an original touch – just like me …

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