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Yoga Searcher, it’s the achievement of a dream. Yoga Searcher was born from the meeting of several French talents united by the same passion; Yoga and the lifestyle that it cultivates.



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Bénédicte Péroz, founder

Beyond practice, yoga is a philosophy, an art of everyday life. Yoga is a beautiful way to stay open to the world: source of exchanges and meetings with others. When François Payot – co-founder of the brand Rip Curl – offered me to give a new life to his farm based in the South West France; we decided to turn the place into a land of welcome for yoga courses and retreats.

Yoga Searcher is a place for meetings and exchanges, driven by the values of yoga. A location with great humour led by people with a passion for life.



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Sandrine Schielé, designer

Because we live yoga everyday, we wear our clothes throughout the day, and because we love the beautiful materials: Yoga Searcher proposes a range for the practice of yoga, and clothes to wear before and after yoga. A timeless style, modern and uncluttered, seamless clothes for an optimum comfort, materials from natural sources such as Bamboo, Cotton, Wool, Linen, antiperspirant treatment, vegetable dies and natural pigments.

Yoga Searcher produces its collection in Europe (Portugal), all workshops are certified ECO-TEX and materials are tested without harmful environmental substances.



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